AIRCARRUS project aims to provide a disruptive delivery service of goods, and services utilizing a fully autonomous aerial delivery system. The AIRCARRUS project solves the transportation challenges to regions of limited urban infrastructure, ocean vessels, offshore commercial platforms, and the delivery of time sensitive lifesaving goods.

The AIRCARRUS delivery system is completely autonomous and requires no ground operators to launch or retrieve the delivery drone. The drone is operated through the internet on a cellular network using our proprietary Dbotix autopilot. The drone is charged using a series of jump stations that allow it to travel long distances and load cargo automatically. The Aircarrus project leverages existing EU Commission technology programs from the Galileo GPS to the SESAR U-Space network.

The AIRCARRUS project is being funded internally and through the European Commission H2020 program. The AIRCARRUS project was recently highlighted by the European Commision in the followig  articles: 

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