Surveying Drone/UAV Application

AERDRON can provide you with optimal, cost effective and intelligent solutions for your surveying, mapping and modeling needs anywhere in the world. We can produce high resolution aerial photography, orthoimagery, highly accurate and detailed topographic data and high resolution maps and models for a variety of applications.  Using suitable UAV platforms which are portable and field repairable, we are able to reduce costs, save time & improve safety.  The compact equipment size allows easy transport from and to anywhere across the world.


This is another fascinating use of UAVs. A combination of the ability to fly safely at a lower altitude,  flexibility and maneuverability means that inspections can be conducted in areas which can be difficult or hazardous to access by other methods and allows for greater coverage than conventional approaches. With our UAV platforms we can greatly increase accuracy in: Environmental Management; Planning Baseline for human settlements; Accommodation site planning; Biodiversity Action Planning; Geodiversity Protection; Real time planning and monitoring.


Drones can be used to quickly and accurately create maps of areas for which there might not be good satellite imagery or to reduce costs and time spent to collect data or, more commonly, for areas for which the data is already old and obsolete. Specific applications include: Solar Power Plant mapping; Wind Farm Mapping;Archaeological Site Mapping; Hydrology & Geological Mapping; Mining & Resources.