Surveillance Drone/UAV Application

With large gatherings and protests, or even when monitoring individuals and livestock, it is often difficult to maintain an overview. UAVs are a very useful instrument here, allowing the situation to be viewed from on high.


UAVs can be used here for many applications including surveillance regarding: Border Patrol, Constructions Perimeters, Fisheries/Live Stock, Monitoring Open Spaces…

One very important use is for signs of illegal border crossings. The UAVs carry radars that can track moving people or vehicles over a wide area and tell what direction they are moving in.  The UAVs also incorporate cameras for license plate and facial recognition.


The highly efficient electric motors developed specially for the UAV Drones allow for discrete and almost silent surveillance. The software enables a direct data transfer to the Base Station, thus the surveillance operation can be coordinated in real time to e.g. monitor and check for specific individuals.

The option of specifying colours on the UAV also means that the aerial platform can be ordered in camouflage colours, minimising the risk of being sighted. Alongside conventional video cameras, there is the possibility of using a thermal camera payload, so that living beings, for example, can be more easily detected in darkness or in dense vegetation.