SOLVIS solar powered UAV

Project Partners


CDTI has funded 50% of the SOLVIS solar powered UAV project. The SOLVIS project was ranked #2 out 110 proposals, and is considered a key demonstrator for green aviation / CleanSky technologies.  AERDRON was invited by CDTI to introduce the SOLVIS project during an Innoglobal aerospace industry lecture in December 2016.

SunPower USA

AERDRON & SunPower signed a project collaboration contract for developing the SOLVIS UAV aircraft. SunPower has a proven track record with aviation related solar powered projects from the Solar Impulse II, NASA Helios, Google Heliostats, and others.

Embou MasMovil

AERDRON & Embou MasMovil signed a project collaboration agreement for the SOLVIS project. Embou MasMovil will provide the telecommunications and server infrastructure for flight testing in Aragon (Spain).

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