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Turnkey UAV projects

AERDRON is specializes in designing prototypes, turnkey solutions, and finished commercial products to our clients requirements. We work with our clients through all stages of product development, and offer training and post sales support. We understand the importance of being on budget, and schedule for all of our projects.


We work with our clients right from the start to understand their problem statement, and provide solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. We have a wide global footprint through our partners, and can support our clients in all other project areas: technical, design, analysis, simulation, testing, regulatory, project management, financial feasibility, market research and so on.


Research & development

AERDRON focuses on developing aerospace technology innovations for the unmanned aerial vehicle industry. We collaborate with both private, and public entities to further our R&D projects to the commercial market. AERDRON can also help other companies outsource development, and prototype manufacturing.