Industrial Drone/UAV Application

At AERDRON, we develop tailor made solutions with unique IP for industrial applications aswell as offering tried and tested UAV platforms for your needs. We see ourselves as your partners and will work closely with you to find the most appropriate and cost effective solutions, working in all stages of the project timeline.

We have our own solutions, working with a range of technical and sector specialists, which overcome the traditional limitations regarding autonomy – flight time – and continuous data link – internet connectivity – for data base cross check/matching and other benefits. We also offer consulting services for this fast growing sector. Just tell us what you want to do and we will help you to make it happen!


UAVs are increasingly used in the field of green energy, and are ideal for the inspection of wind turbines. Wind turbines incorporate many different electrical and mechanical components and like all other equipment these components are susceptible to wear and tear and can break down. This can cause not only costly downtime, but also dangerous accidents.

By using our specially designed and all  condition resilient UAVs, wind turbines can be inspected and damage can be detected in the minimum time possible.


Aerial thermography can be used for various reasons including solar panel/field inspections. Defective panels give off more heat than functioning panels, which can be used for thermography inspection. This temperature imbalance can be easily measured by our UAV installed infrared cameras, showing the difference on displays. This is simple, effective and low cost, especially for large, hard to reach areas. Manual checks are very time consuming, costly man hours. Now operators can replace or fix the damaged panels immediately to keep the solar farm running at peak efficiency.


Our UAVs are fully automated and intelligent tools, being drone mapping platforms for easy, fast and accurate aerial data acquisition, enabling you to take informed and targeted action. They provide a level of insight that is invaluable to industries like construction, agriculture, mining, and land and resource management. Also for gathering data for any area that needs to be looked at closely and often, allowing you to obtain this information cheaply, easily and quickly, with less risk, more frequency and detail than manned flight or satellite imagery.

Our mapping drones are bundled with high-resolution cameras and the latest 3D mapping software and technology.


Power line inspection involves examining pylons and their high voltage insulators. This process is increasingly being performed by UAVs. We can fly much closer, with less cost and less noise than versus a helicopter.

Our UAVs are very suitable for electric power line inspection tasks. Equipped with high resolution cameras, an inspection of specific electric power lines and poles or wide range inspection sends real time footage and data to the operator which can be sent at the same time to the power company’s control center for review.


Thermography has become an important topic in the industrial and construction sectors in the past few decades. A new development in this area consists of thermographic inspection from the air using UAVs. Thermal imaging camera drones are very suitable for the thermographic inspection of inaccessible and large buildings and their rooftops.



UAVs for land surveying and mapping offer high area output and excellent position accuracy. They represent a very efficient supplement to traditional survey methods like terrestrial measurement with laser scanning and total station monitoring, measuring vehicles or fixed-wing UAV and planes.

You can produce actionable data by surveying land, areas and objects for preparation of site plans, contour maps and summary of existing condition at the beginning of project by orthophotos, photogrammetry, 3D modelling, point clouds or volume calculations. The areas will be flown over very precisely, according to your needs, settings and requirements.