AERDRON is an innovative aerospace company that specializes in the development, and manufacturing of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV/Drones). We work with private companies, organizations, universities, and governments worldwide to develop the next generation unmanned aerial vehicles.

AERDRON provides UAV/RPAS solutions for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Industrial inspection
  • Surveillance/Security monitoring
  • Precision agricultural imaging/sensing
  • Military/DoD grade platform solutions

Aerospace Engineer & UAV Consultant

  • More than 25 years experience in the aerospace industry.
  • Specialized in aircraft, control systems, composite structures, and automated equipment design.
  • Experienced in aerospace design standards, stress analysis, prototyping, and manufacturing.
  • Awarded patents in  EU/USA.
  • Private Pilot SEL/Glider (+20 years) & RPA (cert. AESA).
  • Founder of DIA Technologies.
Balvinder Powar

Associate Prof. IE Business School & Board Member BOOSTER Space

  • Years of experience in business startups, aerospace ventures, and media projects in Spain and Internationally.
  • Strong skills with client communications, aerospace lobbying, business strategy/development, team management, and negotiations.
  • Travels intensively (33 countries in 2015) as a key note speaker for technology trends, and creativity motivational speaker.

Business Development & Finance

MBA, CFA, 7+ years experience in investment banking, private equity and corporate finance (JP Morgan, Citibank, Bowline CP), financial modeling, asset valuation, finance restructuring, credit Risk, business proposals.